Twice as many policemen than participants at scurrilous Belgrade “Gay Pride”

prideThe homo-lobby exhibited itself, but nobody wanted to see it. Protected by 2000 policemen and security forces, around 1000 pro-sodomy extremists marched through empty streets in a surreal “pride” event this Sunday in Belgrade. Given that they were not allowed to express their dismay at the indecent exhibition, the population of the Serbian capital preferred to simply boycott it.

The cortège consisted to a considerable extent not of self-identified gays and lesbians, but of politicians and diplomats. Not all of them were there out of their own choice. The only reason for the event to take place is that Serbia is under considerable political pressure from the EU to allow such manifestations.

The participating Serbian politicians expressed relief when the march was over. Ivan Tasovac, the Minister for Cultural Affairs, said that “thanks to the Serbian Government the public appreciation of the Belgrade Pride has fundamentally changed”. The chorus of accredited Diplomats intonated an antiphona of unanimous approval.