European Parliament: while pro-life exhibition is deemed “too controversial”, IPPF is welcome

Screen-shot-2013-04-05-at-1.52.54-PMStrange double standards seem to be prevailing at the European Parliament. While a photo exhibition seeking to draw attention to the sad reality of abortion, the main cause of death in Europe for people below 65, was not allowed to take place because it was deemed “too controversial” and “provocative”, there is apparently nothing that would prevent the world’s biggest baby-butchering business, Planned Parenthood,  from organizing an event on the Parliament’s premises.

Planned Parenthood has recently come under criticism and scrutiny in the United States after it was revealed that it has a macabre practice of trading with body parts of the babies it kills. Criminal investigations are pending. While in the US this has prompted the House of Representatives to vote that the organization should receive no more government funds, the European Parliament seems rather insouciant about offering the latter-day cannibals a possibility to exhibit themselves as “defenders of women’s rights”.

Of course, Planned Parenthood will not exhibit any images that would exhibit the true nature of gruesome its activities, which indeed deserve the epithets “shocking”, “controversial”, “disgusting”, or much worse. Instead, they will distribute glossy folders showing harmless pictures of healthy and pretty young girls and women – to make sure that emotionally sensitive MEPs such as Iraxte Garcia Perez (PSOE/S&D), Sophie in ’t Veld (D66/ALDE), or Maria Noichl (SPD/S&D) will need neither smelling salts nor a fainting couch …

For those with sufficiently strong nerves to cope with reality, AGENDA EUROPE has put all links to the video footage that exposes Planned Parenthood’s trade with human body parts on a permanent page on this website.