New study on Abortion in European Law

Transhumanisme-Les-droits-de-l-homme-accompagnent-l-homme-nouveau_article_popinThe newest issue of the Ave Maria International Law Journal contains a study entitled Abortion in European Law – Human Rights, Social Rights, and the New Cultural Trend by Grégor Puppinck, the Director of the European Center for Law and Lustice (ECLJ), which we warmly recommend to our readers’ attention.

In this study, Puppinck finds that European law does not recognize, much less guarantee, the right to an abortion. The promotion of abortion as an individual right is in decline for two powerful reasons: on the one hand, practical experience has shown that liberal legislation leads to unsatisfactory results, while on the other hand scientific progress is prompting many  to reconsider the dignity of the human being from conception.

The same issue also contains a contribution by Carlo Casini, Marina Casini, and Roger Kiska, on The Irish Law on Abortion a Year After Its Approval, which deserves equally warm recommendation.