Now it’s official: controversial EU Fundamental Rights Agency to be headed by the world’s leading “gay rights” activist

Michael%20O'FlahertyFor critics of the controversial EU Fundamental Rights Agency, this is really good news: with the appointment of Michael O’Flaherty as its new Director, the Agency’s credibility as a supplier of objective expertise on fundamental rights is irredeemably undermined.

Not that the other candidate who was still in the race for this appointment, Lousewies van der Laan from the Netherlands, would have been any less unsuitable. But O’Flaherty is definitely and without any doubt the best choice to be put atop the discredited Agency. The ex-priest from Ireland is not just one homo-rights-activist among many others, but he can indeed be described as the world’s most active, and most radical, manipulator and falsifier of human rights. He has delivered proof of his creative thinking and intellectual versatility both in practice (as a Member of the UN Human Rights Committee, where he played a big role in drafting legal opinions that misrepresent access to abortion as a “right” of women), as well as in theory (where his major accomplishment is the drafting of a truly laughable document called the Yogyakarta Principles, in which the human rights that accrue to all are re-framed into special privileges for people with disordered sexual behaviours).

Despite the constant support Mr. O’Flaherty’s positions get from certain media and certain political quarters, it is a self-evidence that they do not even remotely represent a widely accepted interpretation of human rights law. In other words, he is a campaigner with a radical agenda, not someone who can be trusted to objectively and neutrally provide expertise on the matters he has such a keen and well-known interest in.

In a certain sense, this appointment is really good news. Up until now, the FRA’s output was not very different from what it must be expected to be under Michael O’Flaherty’s aegis – but under his predecessor Morten Kjaerum the Agency still did make some efforts to at least appear neutral and disinterested. With O’Flaherty as its Director, such efforts will be vain: nobody will be misled about the fact that the Agency, instead of genuine human rights, is promoting a radical homo-privileges agenda.

We are not only happy, but indeed enthusiastic, about this appointment to which we wholeheartedly offer our congratulations to both the Agency and Mr. O’Flaherty.

(The rather in-transparent procedure under which Mr. O’Flaherty was selected for his new job is, however, less worthy of congratulations. More on that will follow …)