ONE OF US launches an Appeal by European legal and health care experts: European Commission must stop financing unethical activities

one_of_us_logo_02While the lawsuit on the European Commission’s inadequate reply to the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative, ONE OF US, is still pending, the organizers’ committee is evolving into a full-fledged European federation of pro-life organizations, capable of acting and communicating on a continental scale. But the agenda has remained the same.  In order to keep the ball rolling, the group has now launched an appeal by international legal and health care experts, reiterating its request that the European must stop showering taxpayers’ money on activities and programs that include or pre-suppose the destruction of human beings.

This appeal comes timely, given that the European branch of Planned Parenthood, the ill-reputed organization that is currently being investigated in the US for having set up a flourishing trade with body parts of aborted children, appears to enjoy chummy relationships not only with the European Commission, but also with some morally disoriented Members of the European Parliament.

Here is ONE OF US’ Press Release:

In the wake of the US “Planned Parenthood” human trafficking scandal: the One of Us Federation launches its Appeal by European experts and demands the European Commission to stop funding unethical programs!

Brussels, Friday Wed. Sept. 24th 2015

On Tuesday, Sept. 24th, the International Planned Parenthood Federation sponsored an event in the European Parliament Brussels premises. 

This event, and the so-called “All of Us” group co-sponsoring, is a renewed wake up call to Europeans about the reality and risks of trafficking of human body parts revealed by videos on Planned Parenthood  the IPPF US member organization, and on the urgency to bring back “One of Us” claims to stop public funding of unethical research and programs that implies the destruction of human embryos.

The One of Us Citizen’s Initiative specifically alerted on the risks and tragedy of programs that implies the destruction of human embryos, namely the research on human embryos and EU funded programs in developing countries including abortion. Today, this reality is made obvious through the videos released in the United States where officials from the IPPF US affiliate admit openly the organizations wide involvement in human body parts trafficking through the explicit efforts and sales of aborted embryos body parts to for-profit companies. This activity is forbidden and deemed as criminal in the US, and Planned Parenthood is currently under scrutiny by the US Congress, whose lower house voted to temporarily withdraw public funding to the organization. 

Now, it does not seem to question some liberal European politicians. When asked by Member of the European Parliament during yesterday’s event, Sophia Int’Veld, a chief supporter of IPPF, indeed declared: “IPPF is a completely legitimate organization and yes it receives support by the European Commission”.

Surprisingly though, IPPF admits itself fearing for their economic interests if the One of Us Citizen’s Initiative would succeed in defunding unethical programs; IPPF, along with British global abortion provider Marie Stopes International, indeed officially ask to intervene as a third party during the upcoming landmark audition in Luxembourg that opposes the European Commission to One of Us. Ms. Int’ Veld remarks sound at best misinformed and clearly show that there is no interest in clarifying the problematic around EU funding for abortion in developing countries that would constitute a threat for human dignity, and the organizations like IPPF who may benefit from it.

In the light of these developments, the One of Us Federation demands with a renewed conviction today a true and full democratic debate and investigation on risks of human trafficking that EU funded research utilizing human embryos parts may create, or those abroad including abortion in which organizations like IPPF who may be involved. 

It calls all supporters and its 27 national member organizations from 17 EU Member States to join the Appeal by thousands of experts to launch this debate – visit (to be launched soon), and to demand the same debate at the national level, and regarding all similar local organizations like IPPF affiliates.

To call for this, use the following spontaneous campaigns:

on Facebook:

– on Twitter: #DefundIPPF or by telephone at +33 1 86 26 62 64


The ONE OF US European Federation for Life and Human Dignity is an international non-profit, non-political and non-denominational Federation legally registered under Belgian law. 

It is legal entity composed to date by 28 national and local member entities who participated in the collect of signatures during the ECI and provide care, counsel and advocacy free services to all throughout Europe.