Welcome to Germany!

merkel-mutter-theresa2While others are struggling to ensure that migrants and refugees do not enter the Schengen zone unidentified and illegaly, the German Chanceller Angela Merkel has decided that Germany will accept around 800.000 to one million asylum claimants this year, and an unlimited number in the coming years. The fundamental right to asylum, she says, “has no upper limit”.

In the meantime German municipalities are desperately looking for places for the migrants to live. Schools, sport facilities, and other public facilities are already cracking full, so they are now looking into the possibility of expropriating private house-owners in order to fill their houses with migrants. Even better, one newspaper even reports a case in which a tenant has actually been turned out of her flat in order to make room for refugees.

Abroad, the German “Willkommenskultur” (culture of welcome) causes astonishment:

The influx of new migrants continues.