Forensic examination shows: Planned Parenthood baby-selling videos are authentic.

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuPlanned Parenthood’s claim that video footage showing evidence of its gruesome practice of selling body parts of aborted children is false has been refuted. Forensic examination has shown that the videos have not been tampered with, and that the Planned Parenthood representatives appearing on them have indeed said what they are shown to have said.  Another disaster for the world’s most successful mass-killing organization.

In the meantime, socialist and liberal MEPs continue to display their unwavering loyalty to Planned Parenthood and its peculiar understanding of “reproductive health”. Sophie in ‘t Veld, the Vice-President of the ALDE Group, has publicly stated that she considers the group to be a “legitimate organization”. Gianni Pittella, the President of the S&D group allegedly wants to censure MEPs who, in an event co-hosted by Planned Parenthood on the European Parliament’s premises, took the floor and questioned the appropriateness of offering the group the possibility of spreading its propaganda in a place that should be reserved for the promotion of human rights and democracy.

In the face of the Planned Parenthood scandal, it is no longer possible not to take sides.  There are those who find the slaughtering of babies and selling of their body parts “legitimate”. And there are those who don’t.