Homo-lobby uses hate speech

A Polish MEP circulates an invitation to celebrate the reconciliation between Poland and Germany. And because the first and decisive step for this reconciliation was the historic exchange of letters between the Polish and the German Catholic Bishops’ Conferences (“We forgive and ask for forgiveness”) in the middle of the cold war, he has invited representatives of two Christian NGOs, FAFCE and ADF International, to speak about the role of NGOs in international relations. The invitation is addressed to all German and Polish MEPs.

As a reaction to this invitation a certain Evert Jacobsen circulates a short e-mail to the same list of addressees, telling them that the two Christian NGOs are “religious extremist organizations, by far not representative of any movement, except a narrow-minded fundamentalist anti-human rights agenda”. He adds his “kind regards”.

Who on earth is this Evert Jacobsen??? Who has ever heard of him?

He is the accredited parliamentary assistant of Ulrike Lunacek, the openly lesbian Vice-President of the European Parliament. Indeed, his special assignment is to be her right hand in all matters regarding the promotion of her radical LGBT-agenda. That is why he is also the Secretary of the European Parliament’s Pro-Sodomy Intergroup.

Strangely enough, Mrs. Lunacek and her Intergroup have for many years been calling for rigorous “anti-hate-speech” legislation. But as one cannot help noticing, their pretended concern over “hate speech” is rather disingenuous. What in fact they want to achieve is to undermine the freedom of thought and expression of all those who do not happen to agree with their agenda. Their concept of “hate speech” is a very simple one: criticizing homosexual behaviour is “hate speech”, everything else isn’t. And in particular with regard to Christians, every amount of hate speech is justified – expressions like “fundamentalist” and “extremist” being always available to replace arguments of substance, so as to put their opponents on a par with ISIS/Taliban. In fact, it’s a cheap strategy through which they try to exclude anyone who fails to comply with their pensée unique from  the public discourse.

We can see this strategy at work here. An event that celebrates the reconciliation of enemies is attacked. One would have thought that there is general agreement on the importance of this reconciliation – but, no, the Homo-lobby attacks it, because it features two NGOs that are profiled as Christian. Organizations with a genuine Christian identity are the red flag that sets the wild Homo-bull in motion.

Even more bizarre is that in Mr. Jacobsen’s e-mail the two associations are described as “not representative of any movement”. In fact, what he appears to find disturbing is that these two groups represent a stance that has been, and continues being, shared by billions of Christians at all times and in all countries: that homosexual behaviour is wrong. One may share this opinion or not, but by saying that it is “not representative” Mr. Jacobsen is making an ass of himself.

Maybe he prefers to converse with more “representative” Christian movements, such as CFC?