PACE: killing of new-born babies is “too sensitive” for debate

screaming_newborn_460_300_55_s_c1While the petition against neonatal infanticide addressed to it has reached 224,000 signatures, the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has now rejected this petition by a majority, stating that investigating and debating this subject would be politically inappropriate (!!). The Bureau followed the opinion of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights which considered the petition to be “too sensitive” politically and susceptible to “divide” the Assembly.

In other words, the Council of Europe, which is the European institution to ensure the protection of fundamental rights, finds the must fundamental of those rights, the right to life, “too sensitive” to be discussed. Note that this bizarre and utterly self-undermining decision not only concerns the issue of late-term abortion (which, according to the clever sophisms of the abortion lobby concerns human beings that, not yet having been born, should not enjoy the protection of the law), but also the issue of infanticide – i.e. cases in which undoubtedly the victims are born alive and killed immediately after birth. Even under the most restrictive of all possible interpretations, the killing of a child after birth is murder – yet the PACE thinks that a political debate about how babies should be protected against murder is “too sensitive” and hence should not be allowed.

This newest declaration of moral bankruptcy of what once was a human rights institution highlights once more how abortion gradually undermines the whole edifice of “human rights”…