Poland: President vetoes controversial gender re-definition bill

Polish-president-candidate-Andrzej-DudaFollowing protests from wide parts of the population, Polish President Andrzej Duda has put in his presidential veto against the controversial “Gender Accordance Act”, a bill that would have allowed to dissociate a person’s legal sex from biological reality, turning “gender” into a question of choice and self-definition.

This prevents Poland from adopting an inherently untruthful law, and from succumbing to the pressure of the international Homo-Lobby and the government of certain countries that, having themselves made the aberrant decision of re-defining a person’s sex in a way that contradicts reality, are now keen to ensure that they will not remain the only ones to indulge in such grotesque self-delusion.

The bill had previously been approved by the Polish Parliament (Sejm) by 252 -158 votes with 11 abstentions. The Sejm can  overturn the veto with a 3/5 majority. However, it is unlikely that the vetoed bill will be considered in the Sejm’s upcoming session, which is the last in the current legislature. Parliamentary elections will take place on 25 October, and polls predict a victory of Law and Justice ( Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS), President Duda’s party