Behind closed doors, UN Human Rights “experts” draft language to exclude unborn children from the right to life

According to a report in this week’s Friday Fax, the UN bureaucracy is working on a document that pretends to re-define the scope of the right to life in order to exclude unborn children. The main purpose is to provide the appearance of legitimacy to abortion, and indeed to pressure States to legalize abortion, but one of its logical consequences would be to legitimize the trade with the body parts of aborted children as practised by Planned Parenthood.

As the Friday Fax informs,  “the Human Rights Committee, a mostly unknown but influential UN committee that records and reviews the implementation of the UN treaty on civil and political rights has published a draft opinion on the ‘right to life’ in international law that assigns to mothers the right to abort their children.

What is surprising in ‘General Comment 36‘, as the draft report is known, is the complete absence of any protections for children in the womb. The draft states that ‘the Covenant does not explicitly refer to the rights of unborn children, including to their right to life.’ It concludes therefore that, ‘the Committee cannot assume that article 6 imposes on State parties an obligation to recognize the right to life of unborn children.’ It goes on to say that if countries wish to protect life in the womb they “may” only do so if they guarantee women the right to abort their children in cases of rape, incest, and when their child in utero is disabled.”

The Human Rights Committee has a long and sad record of subjecting universally recognized human rights to manipulative and audacious re-interpretations. These re-interpretations are however not legally binding.

One of the two rapporteurs of the report is Sir Nigel Rodley, who also is the President of the “International Commission of Jurists” (ICJ), a gay-rights lobby group.