– new website informs about controversial “Anti-Discrimination Directive”

guiltyAt last civil society in Europe is waking up and starting to do something about the freedom-undermining “Anti-Discrimination Directive” that the Council of the EU has been debating since 2008.

Although the debate has been going on for such a long time, it never quite captured the attention of the wider public. This was perhaps intentional, given that the proposed measure is being asked for only by some rather marginal groups – but would, if adopted, lead to radical restrictions of freedom for everyone. No wonder therefore that the discussion is taking place behind closed doors – and with out too much attention of average citizens.

This website has for quite some time the only site on the internet to offer a comprehensive analysis of the proposed directive. But now ADF International is entering the scene with a well-designed website that contains a wealth of information that is as useful for legal experts as it is accessible for ordinary citizens. It is called, which aptly summarizes the issue: basic freedoms are under threat!