A list of shame: 9 MEPs publicly support Planned Parenthood’s trade with baby organs

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuIt is absolutely astounding how the dangerous ideology called “Feminism” makes some of its disciples completely blind for reality and oblivious of the most basic precepts of decency.

One might have expected that  as a consequence of the scandal around Planned Parenthood’s secret trade with the organs of aborted fetuses the baby-butchers long-time supporters inside the political institutions remain silent and do all to avoid being seen anywhere near the discredited organization. One would have thought that in a liberal democracy based on respect for human rights and human dignity no serious-minded politician would want to be seen shaking hands with the cannibals of our time who draw an income from killing children and selling their livers, hearts, brains, and other organs.

But no. Incredible as it might seem, Planned Parenthood still has loud-mouthed clacqueurs inside the European Parliament.

In anticipation of a conference tomorrow morning, organised by the EPP group, in which  MEPs and other decision makers will at last get a glimps of the truth about the gruesome facts behind Planned Parenthood’s “development” and “reproductive health” rhethoric, 9 MEPs have come out to denounce what they claim is a “hate campaign” against an innocent and completely philantropic “healthcare provider”. For, quite obviously,  hours of (mostly uncommented) video footage in which top representatives of Planned Parenthood speak themselves about their trade practices must be a “hate campaign”

The perversion of language is reflective the perversion of minds: the perpetrator is presented as the victim. It is like Molière’s Tartuffe, but less comical. And of course Planned Parenthood has “clarified all allegations” – apparently to the fullest satisfaction of those nine politicians who somehow do not seem at all interested in finding out the truth.

This letter, which has been sent to everyone in the EP, reveals nothing about Planned Parenthood, but a lot about its signatories: they deserve to be remembered for their ostentatious anti-humanism, which really is without precedent in the EP’s history.

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