Homo-Lobby comes out in support of child butchering

John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_GomorrahWe were not at all surprised to read on ILGA-Europe’s website a statement of full and unreserved support for Planned Parenthood, the international abortion provider whose practice of trading the organs of aborted foetuses has come under critical scrutiny both in the US and in Europe. (Obviously, rather than offering any serious argument why the trade with those body parts should  be deemed morally acceptable, ILGA prefers an argument ad personam, describing all criticism of that practise as “hate campaign”. Not very much to the point…)

Not only is there a long-standing political partnership between the two organizations, who mutually endorse their respective political agendas en bloc, but there is also a very fundamental convergence: both sodomy and the commercial trade with human body parts are ultimately about the commodification of the human body. The point ILGA and Planned Parenthood have in common is the total and fundamental rejection of human dignity.