Italy: same-sex “marriages” concluded abroad have no legal validity

Gay-italian-couple-1200Italy’s highest administrative court, the Consiglio di Stato,  has ruled that marriages of gay couples who wed abroad cannot be registered in Italy. It has thereby overruled and invalidated the decisions of the mayors of some cities (including Rome, Florence, and Naples) and several Regional Administrative Tribunals, who in clear and deliberate violation of the law had transcribed into the Italian marriage register the so-called “marriages” that had been concluded by Italian same-sex couples in countries such as the US, Canada, or the Netherlands.

While the current government lead by the populist/leftist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi continues pushing for a law that would provide for same-sex “civil partnerships”, this decision of the Consiglio di Stato is a triumph of legality over wilfulness. Nobody stands above the law, not even the gay lobby. In a democracy based on the rule of law everyone, including gays themselves, should applaud this.

Click to download the Decision (Italian)