China abolishes “One-Child-Policy” … but continues intrusive birth control

geschwister-erlaubtIt is one of the biggest, most systematic, and most pernicious human rights abuses in recorded history: the One-Child-Policy through which from 1979 onwards the Chinese Government has sought to reduce the country’s population growth. According to that policy, which was enforced not only through financial incentives, but often through means such as forced abortions and state-imposed use of contraceptive devices, each couple was allowed to have no more than one child. Children conceived in excess of that quota were often forcibly aborted (i.e. against the will of their mothers) or, if they were born, systematically discriminated against by the State. Parents who had more children than the State allowed faced hefty financial sanctions, often including the loss of their jobs and livelihoods.

The policy was also enforced through the state-enforced use of intra-uterine devices (IUDs). Quite ironically, while according to slogans that keep being repeated ad nauseam by Feminists in Western countries “abortion and contraception empower women to gain control over their own bodies”, it is definitely not so in China, where women must suffer the intrusion into the most intimate aspects of their lives by the Communist Party and its minions. Very strangely, one seldom hears any word of protests from the otherwise so vociferous Feminists in Western European politics and media  – on the contrary, most of them seem quite indifferent if not complacent. And perhaps it is no coincidence that one of the big High Level Conferences  that the UN organized to promote its radical ideas on population and development was the 1995 Conference on Women hosted in … Beijing. Nor should it surprise us that Planned Parenthood, an organisation holding itself as a champion of “lifestyle choices” for women, has for many years assisted the Chinese government in developing a policy that is both anti-life and anti-choice.

It is estimated that, absent the One-Child-Policy, China’s population would today be at least 300 million more than it actually is. of these 300 million, around 100 million are accounted for by abortions – this means in each single case that an innocent human child has been killed in the earliest stage of his or her existence. The sheer dimensions of this mass slaughter by far dwarf any other crime in the history of human civilization.

The effects are being felt dramatically. After years of boom China’s economy is stagnating. The country is over-aged; it lacks both work-force and consumers. This jeopardizes the chances for China to become and remain a super power both politically and economically.  As one observer put it, “China will get old before it gets rich”. Even worse, there is an estimated lack of around 20 million women – victims of sex-selective abortion. In turns this means that there are 20 million young men who will never be able to marry and found a family. Social researchers warn that this is likely to lead to a dramatic increase in the incidence of rape, prostitution, and social unrest. It is believed that until 2040 the “gender imbalance” will increase to 44 million missing women…

The government, having at last become aware of the disastrous effects of its “family planning”, has today announced that it will abolish the “One-Child-Policy”, granting all married couples the right to have two children instead of just one. But this is just a continuation of the intrusive and inhuman birth control with a somewhat higher quota. It will be too little, and too late, to prevent China’s inevitable demographic and social decline.