Videos on the European Parliament’s “Defund IPPF” event now online

The organizers of the conference exposing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome trade with the body parts of aborted babies have now put on their Facebook site a number of videos of the event.

We found this one, wherein it is described how an employee of StemExpress, a company purchasing fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood, was required to herself “harvest” the brain from an aborted baby with a still beating heart, particularly noteworthy:

This video debunks Planned Parenthood’s claim that it is actually not drawing any profit from the “donated” aborted fetuses, given that the payments it asks for is needed to cover costs for harvesting, storing, or transport of the tissue. Nonsense! – as it appears, harvesting, storage a,d transport are taken care of by the “customer”. If Planned Parenthood receives a payment, it is in consideration of the merchandise.

In view of these revelations, one is increasingly puzzled how Commissioner Neven Mimica was able to say, in response to a question by an MEP, that the payments asked for (and received) by PP corresponded to “the cost of transporting samples”. Was this a deliberate lie or pure ignorance? Or did he in fact mean to say that purchasers have to pay for storage and transport in addition to the purchase price paid to PP?

And, even more puzzling, how was Commissioner Mimica able to affirm that PP’s activities are “legal” when in actual fact a criminal investigation is being carried out in the US and the outcome is not yet known? Has the Commissioner some insider knowledge, or was he simply copy-pasting from a brief he received from his friends at IPPF???

It would be befitting for a Commissioner to respond to MEPs’ written questions more carefully.