European Parliament to hold high-level debate on persecution of Christians

A high-level conference on inter-faith dialogue and the situation of Christians around the world will be held tomorrow at the European Parliament, hosted by EP Vice-President Antonio Tajani and attended by President Martin Schulz and Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans. MEPs and experts from a number of countries will focus on the persecution of Christians around the globe and discuss specific proposals for action.

The event is very important, given that for the first time it specifically highlights the persecution that Christians suffer at the hands of radical Muslims, thus explicitly naming victims and perpetrators. At last the EU institutions open their eyes to reality: this is not about a “religious conflict” in which two rival groups do injustice to each other, but it is about one group’s brutal and completely unprovoked attempt to exterminate the other. Continue reading “European Parliament to hold high-level debate on persecution of Christians”


European Commission grants registration to “Humanist” hate campaign

Humanists hateThe European Commission has today communicated the official registration of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) entitled “Wake up Europe!”

This initiative, organized by a militantly anti-Christian pressure group calling itself the “European Humanist Federation” (EHF), is directed against the government of one Member State, Hungary, which the organizers loathe for its steadfast and principled defense of Christian values inside the EU.

What has in particular fueled the “Humanists” ire is the fact that Hungary’s new Constitution, which was adopted in 2011 to replace a constitution stemming from the Communist era, contains an invocation of God as well as specific provisions to protect marriage, the family, and the right to life. Continue reading “European Commission grants registration to “Humanist” hate campaign”

Brussels: A permanent state of emergency

image.adapt.960.high.belgium_lockdown_06aFive days after having declared the state of emergency, the Belgian government have lowered the threat level for the Brussels region to level 3 (out of 4).Police and army continue patrolling the city, but as of today at least metro and tram services are up to normal, and schools have re-opened.

One is tempted to wonder which new circumstances have allowed the authorities to consider that the security situation has improved. Continue reading “Brussels: A permanent state of emergency”

Romania: citizens’ initiative to protect marriage through constitutional amendment

RomainiaIn Romania a new citizens’ initiative has been launched to ensure the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the country’s constitutional law. The proposed amendment of art. 48 of the Constitution would replace the word “spouses” by “man and woman“, as follows:

“Art. 48: family
(1) A family is created through free marriage between a man and a woman, their equality and the right and duty of parents to ensure the upbringing, education and training of children.

If the initiative is endorsed by more than 500.000 citizens within 6 months, it will become the subject of a binding referendum. Continue reading “Romania: citizens’ initiative to protect marriage through constitutional amendment”

Homo-Agenda fails once again at UN General Assembly

united-nations-flagWhile the un-elected UN bureaucracy, with the support of US and European NGOs and diplomats, spares no effort to impose sexual revolution on the world, it once again has been shown that the General Assembly, the true legislator of the UN, is far less supportive of this agenda. As Stefano Gennarini of C-Fam reports, the homo-lobby has suffered yet another setback this week, when a paragraph about “sex education” (which has little to do with education or information, but is UN bureaucracy code for the attempt to forcefully remove the innate shame barriers and  sense for decency from children’s consciences) in a resolution on the rights of children stalled debate was defeated in a marathon 4-hour voting process, involving multiple amendments and discussions about procedural issues. Similarly, controversial language on “reproductive rights” was removed from  a resolution on youth policies this week despite insistence from powerful donor countries.

Lucidum intervallum: European Human Rights Court protects pro-lifer’s freedom of speech

While this should not tempt us into believing that the European Human Rights Court (ECtHR), which has a long and sad track record of turning a blind eye to the violations of the fundamental rights both of unborn children and those seeking to come to their rescue, is a benevolent and useful institution, we should nevertheless not omit mentioning a recent decision in which the Court has upheld the right to freedom of expression of a well-known German human rights defender. 

In the case of Annen vs. Germany the 5th Chamber of the Court has decided that the right of the complainant to (very appropriately!) place the mass murder of defenseless children in a context with the Nazi Holocaust outweighed the interest of two baby butchers to go on undisturbed with their business.