Germany: political extremists use arson to intimidate defenders of marriage and family

csm_55406_55408_b2badf65ecIn Germany there have been within just a few days two cases of arson directed against the property (and possibly the lives) of two prominent defenders of marriage, family, and the right to life. The first involved a conservative MEP, Beatrix von Storch, whose car was set on fire right in front of her house in Berlin around a week ago. Mrs. von Storch is a member of the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee, where she regularly intervenes to unmask the anti-human-rights agenda of the radical left. The second incident happened on Sunday night at Magdeburg, where unknown arsonists have burned a car and part of a building owned by the husband of Hedwig von Beverfoerde. This act not only caused considerable economic damage, but it might easily have cost the lives of any persons who might have been inside the building at the time the fire broke out. As it appears, the arsonists accepted this possibility.

Shortly after this, a notice was published on a politically extremist website, in which the anonymous perpetrators claim ownership of their crime, saying that it is a response to Mrs. von Beverfoerde’s activity as a leader of a peaceful civil rights movement called “Demo für alle” that opposes the imposition of controversial sexual education and “gender mainstreaming” programmes in German schools. This makes her, according to the hate language used in the above-mentioned web-posting, the “political face of a homophobic and reactionary mass movement”. It appears that members of that movement should be at least intimidated, or maybe even murdered. Opposing gender ideology is tantamount to risking one’s life.

Besides campaigning for the respect of parents’ rights to decide on the education of their own children, Mrs. von Beverfoerde was the German contact person for ONE OF US, the successful pro-life European Citizens’ Initiative, that was arrogantly turned down by the European Commission after having been signed by nearly 1.9 million EU citizens. She is also the contact person in Germany for the new European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum, Dad & Kids”, which has been submitted for registration just a fortnight ago. Apparently these initiatives are what left-wing terrorists view as “a Europe-wide network of right-wing forces”.

As we write this, the hate-message published by the arsonists is still online, and their website still has not been closed down.

Heiko Maas
Ralf Stegner

It should be noted in this regard that the language used by the terrorists is not at all different from that used by prominent representatives of groups claiming to be “mainstream”. One particularly appalling example is Ralf Stegner, a Vice-President of the country’s centre-left (?) Social Democrat Party SPD (which counts EP President Martin Schulz among its membership…). With this close convergence in the rhetoric used by seemingly “center-left” politicians and mass-media, and in view of the apparent inertia of the German judiciary whenever violence and hate-speech are used against social conservatives, one cannot help wondering whether there is not a common pattern in all this. As it happens, Heiko Maas, the Federal Minister of Justice in Angela Merkel’s coalition government, is considered to be part of the more ideologized fringe of the SPD. Will he make a serious effort to find out and bring to justice the violent supporters of the radical “Gender Mainstreaming” agenda he himself is known to sympathise with?

The latest news is that a Catholic blogger who denounced the attacks against Mrs. von Storch and Mrs. von Beverfoerde has himself received a murder threat.