Sex abuse scandal and the homosexual sub-culture inside the Catholic Church

Father-Krysztof-Olaf-Charamsa-with-his-partner-Edouard-to-reveal-his-homosexualityThe web portal Catholic Voice has an article on how a gay pressure group inside the Catholic Church appears to have been setting the agenda for last month’s Synod on the family. The piece makes for interesting reading not only for those who are perplexed with the opinions aired by some Cardinals or bishops, but also for those who seek to understand how the gay network operates wherever and whenever it is allowed to infiltrate. What has happened inside the Catholic Church can also happen in all other social environments, such as politics, the judiciary, the mass media…

It is also interesting to note that what the media came to refer to the Catholic Church’s “child abuse” crisis was in fact about gay priests grooming post-pubescent adolescents.