Switzerland: Referendum on marriage will take place on 28 February 2016

matterhorn-lake-zermatt_33990_990x742The Swiss referendum on marriage will take place on 28 February jointly with votes on three other subject matters.

The popular initiative for this referendum has been launched by the Christian People’s Party (CVP). Although the vote will be on a text that clearly defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, the main purpose of the initiative is to set an end to the absurd fiscal discrimination of married couples, who in Switzerland pay higher taxes than if they were not married.

The country’s political establishment is divided. While both parliamentary chambers (National- and Ständerat) have recommend citizens to vote against the proposal – possibly because there is a hidden agenda to introduce same-sex “marriages”? -, the Bundesrat (i.e. the country’s federal government) recommends to vote in favour.