Slovenia: Referendum to abrogate controversial same-sex “marriage” bill to be held on 20 December

SloveniaThe Slovenian National Assembly has decided that the referendum on same-sex “marriage” will be held on 20 December.

The group called “Za otroke gre” has gathered 40,000 signatures needed to call a popular vote on the controversial bill passed earlier this year in which marriage is defined as “a union between two consenting adults”. The National Assembly’s brazen attempt to ignore the bid was overruled and declared unconstitutional  by a decision of the Constitutional Court last month.

In order to scrap the bill, it is necessary that more than 20% of the electorate participate in the vote, and that a majority of those participating vote against it.

In 2012, when in a similar situation a referendum was held on a new Family Code that would have allowed same-sex adoption, the voter turnout was 30.3%, of which 54.5% voted against and 45.5 in favour of the controversial bill.