This is the face of hate and intolerance in Germany

2108503871His name is Falk Richter. Until a few days ago, we had never even heard his name, but this was apparently due to our own ignorance. In the meantime we have consulted his website on which one can read that he is “one of the most important German playwrights and directors of his generation. His plays have been translated into more than 25 languages and are produced all over the world.”

Forgive us. We didn’t know.

Last week his new play, entitled “Fear”, had its world premiere on the stage of the Schaubühne, a theatre in Berlin. In this play, which seeks to promote the cause of “Gender Theory” and “same-sex marriage”, five well-known opponents of this agenda are portrayed as dangerous zombies. Then the public is told: “one cannot speak or discuss with zombies, one must get rid of them – drive them out, bring them under the earth, shoot them between the eyes”.

No, this is of course not a call to violence, it is art. Mr. Richter is an artist. He must be allowed to express himself in whichever way he wants – any attempt to prevent him from doing so would be intolerant, or even a human rights violation

Thanks God Mr. Richter has the privilege of living and working in Berlin, where great artists are respected and receive a lot of support from the local government. The city is known for its magnanimity and tolerance for all and everyone  – except of course those who don’t deserve it.

The five zombies who Mr. Richter thinks should “get a bullet between the eyes” are easily identifiable. Indeed, in order to avoid any undesirable misunderstandings, the great playwright has their portraits exhibited on the stage. As it happens, all five are women. Two of them, Frauke Petry and Beatrix von Storch are politicians, members of a new political movement called “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD), which, due to widespread discontent with the country’s political establishment, is currently doing extremely well in opinion polls (which of course worries the world-known artist, who is good friends with the politicians who are currently in power…). The other three, Birgit Kelle, Gabriele Kuby, and Hedwig von Beverfoerde, have acquired some public notoriety as opponents of attempts to streamline Gender Theory and LGBT-Ideology into the German public education system. Through their publications as well as their appearances in TV and on public manifestations they have become the voice of resistance against a cultural revolution that is imposed top-down from the country’s political elite.

As it appears, the world-renowned Mr. Richter opines that people who dare oppose LGBT-Ideology and Gender Theory are zombies who should be killed immediately rather than given any chance to express themselves.

The message has apparently met a grateful public that is willing to take the cue.

On the day after the world premiere, Mrs. von Storch’s car was set on fire right in front of her house. Just three days later, a similar attack was directed against the home of Mrs. von Beverfoerde’s family. When a third person wrote a blog post to protest against these acts, he received murder threats.

Mr. Richter has not found it worthwhile to distance himself from the terrorist attacks. This is very understandable, because it would by necessity imply that he would also be distanceing himself from his latest opus.

And of course, his play continues at the Schaubühne. Everything else would be intolerant. And hey, after all he’s such a great artist

Fascism can be so fashionable when it is dressed up as art.