Vienna: “Life Ball” cancelled. Hopefully forever.

2016_kein_Life_Ball_auf_dem_Wiener_Rathausplatz-Aus-zeit--Story-479778_630x356px_e2d0a185c722de37d111563f510ba6ca__lifeball-rathausplatz-s1260_jpg It was touted as “the biggest HIV/AIDS charity event world-wide”, although what it really promoted was probably the disease itself rather than any form of charity for its victims.

Beginning from 1992, the annual “Life Ball” held each year in Vienna indeed developed into one of the most visible self-exhibitions of the international LGBT-jet-set. Among the regular participants were Elton John, Bill Clinton, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minnelli, Sharon Stone, Dita von Teese, Anastacia, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and other decadents. Participants competed for the most extravagant outfits, with many of them appearing half nude. In short, it was a huge celebration of homosexual and other sexually disordered lifestyles, i.e. the very same behaviours and attitudes through which HIV/AIDS is passed on from one victim to the next. the stated intention of the event was to “raise awareness” about AIDS, in actual fact it carefully avoided raising any awareness of, and indeed sought to undermine any serious-minded debate on, the origins of this pandemy and the best ways to fight against it.

For image reasons, the event pretended to be a “charity” to raise funds for medical research on HIV/AIDS. As such it must have been hopelessly inefficient. It was itself lavishly subsidized in particular by the Vienna City Council and the Austrian State Television ORF, both controlled by leftist politicians. Without these subsidies received from public donors, the Life Ball would inevitably have produced economic losses instead of the net proceeds that were “donated” for HIV/AIDS research. In economic reality, the “donations” came not from any of the Life Ball’s attendees, but from Austrian taxpayers, many of whom found the noisy event repulsive rather than amusing. week the Life Ball’s inventor and organizer, Gery Keszler, announced that in 2016 there will be no Life Ball. He said that the event needed to be “re-invented”, expressing his hope that the next edition could take place in 2017.

But sources in Vienna say that the true reason for the cancellation is that the city of Vienna, which due to general mismanagement by its mayor and city council faces considerable financial problems and has seen its public debt triplicate in just three years, feels constrained to cut down the lavish subsidies for the so-called “charity”. This situation seems unlikely to change in the next few years.

As it appears from comments in the comboxes of the leading Austrian newspapers (see here and here), the local population is not really regretting to see the Life Ball disappear.

As for Mr. Keszler himself, he used this year’s Life Ball as an occasion to inform the public that he is HIV-positive. He appears, however, to have no clue how and where he got himself infected…