Germany: the Red Terror continues

csm_Farbbeutelanschlag-BvS_3907145bddIn Germany the radical left, emboldened by the inertia of police and the judiciary and encouraged by scarcely concealed support from the Socialist politicians, continues its terror campaign in against pro-life and pro-family politicians and NGOs. Tonight the Berlin office of MEP Beatrix von Storch, who in the EP has won notoriety for her critical stance both with regard to the EU’s monetary policy and its support for questionable social ideologies such as Gender Theory, has been devastated. This happened just a few days after Mrs. von Storch’s car was set on fire by unknown vandals.

Mrs. von Storch is one of several personalities who have been publicly singled out as appropriate targets for violent attacks, including attacks against life and bodily integrity, by representatives of the fashionable leftist establishment in the German capital. The most odious example for this hate campaigning is a play entitled “Fear” by playwright Falk Richter, currently on Stage at the Schaubühne in Berlin.