Finland: Citizens’ Initiative collects more than 100.000 signatures against same-sex “marriage”

AA_lippu_senaatintori_kuva_Pentti_Tuovinen-1024x683The Finnish mainstream media have tried their best to avoid any mention of it, and foreign media have not reported it at all. This is also the reason why we have come across this information only with some delay and are relaying it only now: the citizens’ initiative Aito avioliitto (roughly translated: Real Marriage or Genuine Marriage) that aims to uphold marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the law and in Finnish society has collected more thean 107.000 signatures, i.e. twice as many than legally required. The Parliament is now obliged to consider the petition. Aito avioliitto It is hoped that politicians will now re-consider the stance with regard to a controversial law that redefines marriage so as to include sterile and disease-transmitting same-sex relationships. The new law had been adopted following another citizens’ initiative that had been pushed by a huge media hype, whereas Aito avioliitto had received only hostile, if any, media coverage. Given this difference in treatment, it is arguable that even in Finland, a very secularized country, the public opinion is in fact opposed to the arbitrary redefinition of marriage. If a referendum on same-sex “marriage” were to be held, the outcome would probably be negative.

The new European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” will provide Finnish citizens with yet another ocasion to speak out.