Does Planned Parenthood “harvest” brains from living babies?

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuEach time you think you have heard the worst of Planned Parenthood, a new piece of information emerges that you wouldn’t even have imagined in your worst nightmares.

The newest allegation is that Planned Parenthood’s abortionists, in order to be able to provide researchers with intact brains, in some cases actually do not abort babies, but have them delivered alive and then kill them outside the mother’s womb…

Even in a country with the most liberal abortion laws imaginable, this would be murder.

Planned Parenthood every year receives several millions of taxpayers’ Euros from the EU developing aid projects for what is described as “maternal health” programmes in developing countries. The European Commission has refused to discontinue this funding although the most successful European Citizens’ Initiative so far, ONE OF US, had demanded it to do so.