Abortion lobby doesn’t want abortion to be safe

40AA7AB1-B82C-4BED-B197-CA3C3E055D8C“We want abortion to be rare, safe, and legal” – that was the clever slogan that Bill Clinton, and after him many pro-abortion politicians, used to give a benign image to their anti-life policies.

Well, everyone knows that the abortion lobby wants abortion to be legal. But safe and rare?? Not quite.

The Guardian has an interesting piece about two abortion cases that might soon reach the US Supreme Court. And – surprise, surprise! – both cases originate from attempts of the abortion lobby to strike down new laws that have the purpose of making abortion safe. One of these cases, Whole Woman’s Health v Cole,  is about a Texas statute requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges with a hospital no more than 30 miles away and to meet hospital-like “ambulatory surgical center” standards. The other case, Jackson Women’s Health Organization v Currier, centers on a Mississippi law requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

As it appears, petitioners hope that the “liberal majority” of the Supreme Court will strike those laws, making abortion less safe, but more frequent.

Of course the Guardian, always “liberal” when it is about killing babies, is very concerned that some abortion clinics not fulfilling the required safety standards might have to close down.