In Sweden, midwives must be willing to kill – otherwise they get no job.

EllinorGrimmark_ostetrica_licenziataIn all other countries the job of a midwife is to help children being born. In Sweden, by contrast, the job description includes abortion.

The Jönköping District Court ruled Thursday against midwife Ellinor Grimmark who was unjustly denied employment by three different hospitals because of her conscientious objection to abortion. 

In November 2013, Höglandssjukhuset women’s clinic withdrew a job offer as a midwife from Grimmark after she explained that she could not perform abortions because of her conscientious objection against killing unborn children, and her Christian faith. The head of the maternity ward said that Grimmark “was no longer welcome to work with them” and questioned “whether a person with such views actually can become a midwife.” A few months later, Grimmark tried to obtain employment with Ryhovs women’s clinic, which told her that a “person who refuses to perform abortions does not belong at a women’s clinic”.

In January, Värnamo Hospital’s women’s clinic offered Grimmark a job but then withdrew employment because of the complaint she filed against Höglandssjukhuset in April. The head of the hospital told Grimmark that no employee was allowed to publicly take a stand against abortion.

Ellinor Grimmark is currently working as a midwife with maternity care in Norway, where her freedom of conscience is respected. Considering the great shortage of midwives in Sweden, especially within the maternity care, it is surprising that the Health Region of Jönköping, would rather lose competent health care workers to Norway than grant them freedom of conscience.

According to her legal counsel, Ruth Nordström of Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, it is likely that Ms. Grimmark will appeal the case to the Göta Hovrätt, the Court of Appeal.