USA: Bisexual professor who was raised by a lesbian couple risks being fired because he speaks up against same-sex “marriage”

Robert_Oscar_Lopez_810_500_55_s_c1The worst nightmare of the homo-lobby is to see its victims speak up. This is why Robert Oscar Lopez, a professor at California State University, is now risking losing tenure.

Lopez is not a typical social-conservative professor. In fact, he openly says he is bisexual, and was raised by his mother and her lesbian partner. But perhaps it is precisely this first-hand experience that makes him question the new dogma that being raised by a same-sex couple is just as good for a child as being raised by one’s own parents. Having no substantial arguments against Mr. Lopez’ academic teaching, a radical homo-group styled as “The Human Rights Campaign” has now launched a full-fledged crusade, based on what appear to be rather shoddy allegations, to get him removed from his post.

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