The right and the wrong way to commemorate terror victims…

pc-150107-jesuischarlie-jsw-01_b0e31f0155b6370b9d857ba7f1dcc1aaWord has gone round that, “as a sign of its collective solidarity with the French people, the Commission will hold a minute of silence today, Monday 16 November, at 12.00 Brussels time.”

In order to commemorate the victims of Friday night’s terrorists attacks in Paris, all Commission staff are invited to gather inside Commission buildings. Staff can also participate individually, wherever they are. Brussels staff are invited to assemble in the BERL piazza (i.e. inside the building).

In today’s cultural environment, which is solidary, pluralistic, multi-cultural, neutral, and tolerant, the right way to commemorate victims is the following:

  • Be part of the crowd.
  • Stand still. Don’t say anything.
  • Make a grim, stern face. With that grim expression, look into the camera (if there is any).
  • Remain in this position for a minute or longer. Chase away any thought that is inappropriate (i.e., not solidary, pluralistic, multi-cultural, neutral, and tolerant).
  • By derogation, if you feel you absolutely want to express your attachment with one particular group of victims, it must be with the authors of grossly indecent caricatures (e.g., by holding up a sign saying “Je suis Charlie”)
  • Make sure you do all this in a safe place where no terrorist attack can reach you.

Among the behaviours that must absolutely be avoided are the following: