Sweden: abortion is the ultimate “refusal to care”

Regeringsduo2While in other European countries politicians, and in particular members of the government, are careful not to meddle with the separation of powers, this is apparently not so in Sweden.

In a newspaper op-ed for Aftonbladed, two members of the current Socialist-led government, Minister for Health  Gabriel Wikström and Minister for Equality Åsa Regnér, are commenting on last week’s decision by a law court in Jönköping that rejects the claim for equal employment opportunities brought by Ellinor Grimmark, a young midwife who despite her qualifications was denied employment because of her conscientious objection against performing abortion.

In their article the two politicians state: The so-called right of conscience of health care workers must be called by its proper name: refusal to care.Regeringsduo2

In actual fact, however, the same could with much better justification be said about abortion: ultimately, abortion is a refusal to care for a child for which one is responsible.

The article comes right at a time when Mrs. Grimmark is considering to lodge an appeal against the decision. Definitely, this looks like an attempt by politicians to tell the judiciary how this case must be decided.