“Sexual Education” and Homo-Propaganda: not clever, but outright irresponsible and dangerous.

In Germany there is a group called “SchLAu” (Schwul Lesbisch Bi Trans* Aufklärung), consisting of sodomites and lesbians who visit school classes to teach them about their sexual practices and moral attitudes. As one might have expected, this particular form of “Sexual Education” is subsidized and recommended by the Socialist/Green regional government of North-Rhine-Westphalia, under the pretext that “children should learn tolerance, including with regard to sexual orientation”.

The name is a play with words: in German, “schlau” means “clever”.

But is it really clever to let these people educate our children? One of the spokespersons of SchLAu has now published the following statement on Facebook:

Ich habe HIV und würde es wieder tun! Ich habe regelmäßig Sex ohne Kondom. Schutz durch Therapie macht es möglich. Menschen mit HIV sind nicht kriminell!

(I have HIV and would do it again! I regularly have sex without a condom. Protection through therapy makes it possible. People with HIV are not criminal!)

To which he adds the hashtags #charliesheen and #sowhat.

Another Facebook entry of the same person says:

“Bei Sexdates ist mir Ehrlichkeit ziemlich egal. Bei Schutz durch Therapie ist man sexuell nicht infektiös, also braucht man es auch nicht dem anderen sagen. Ähnlich wie beim Händeschütteln.

(When having a sex date I don’t care about honesty. When one receives therapy one isn’t infectious, therefore there is no need to tell. Similar as when shaking hands.)

And finally:

Jeder Mensch darf ohne Kondom Sex haben. Es gibt keine Kondompflicht und auch keine Mitteilungspflicht über HIV. Wenn nur positive Verantwortung für andere übernehmen sollen, dann sind offenbar alle Menschen nicht mehr gleich vor dem Gesetz. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

(Everybody has the right to have sex without using a condom. There is no duty to use condoms, and also no duty to inform the partner about your HIV-infection. It would obviously be contrary to the principle of equality if only HIV-positive persons had to assume responsibility for others. Wholehearted congratulations.)

Obviously, this mixes up several different things. Nobody has said that people who are HIV-positive are, by that token, criminals. On the other hand, sex has got something to do with responsibility.All the more so, if it is pretended that a sexual relationship is the expression of love. But that’s precisely the point: what this person is propagating is sex without responsibility, without love, without even the slightest concern for the other person’s well-being. This is the quintessence of the so-called “gay lifestyle”.

The callous irresponsibility and carelessness in these statements was apparently too much even for the taste of two politicians from the Liberal Party (FDP), who have addressed a written question to the Government of North-Rhine-Westphalia, inquiring about the possible impact of this kind of attitude in the context of AIDS prevention.

In Germany, parents have no right to home-school their children, even if the school authorities invite sodomites into the classroom.