France: “Laïcité” and Islamic terrorism, joint against Christianity

Jeanne Smits of LifeSiteNews has quite a compelling analysis of the situation in France before and after last week’s terrorist attacks:

The French authorities are falling over themselves saying there is no link between Islam and last week’s dramatic events. The killers – so the story goes – are in no way representative of the religion they invoke and Allah would not agree. Islam is a religion of “tolerance” and “love,” the saying goes. Government members avoid even mentioning Islam when speaking about the attacks.

This is where schizophrenia sets in. While pleading for “Fraternity,” especially with France’s immigrant Muslim population, the powers that be also insist that “secularism” – laïcité – is the only possible answer to Friday’s attacks.


The killers in Paris’ trendy 11th arrondissement and the Bataclan were mostly brought up in French or Belgian State schools where secularism is obligatory, even if Muslim communities are strong enough to obtain de facto privileges in a number of schools, like halal meals at the school canteens and a flexible response to absenteeism during Islamic holidays.

With the new attack, the French government’s main response is to give them more of the same: more “secularism,” Prime Minister Valls insisted, more “Republican values.” “We know that the battle to confront the ruptures in our society and this rise of radical Islamism, to defend our values and secularism, comes through schools and through culture,” he told the press last Tuesday.

Republican values??? The problem is that these so-called “values” are in fact anti-values. Vested as “laïcité”,  “tolerance”, or “pluralism”, the true nature of this set of values is that in fact they represent the rejection of genuine shared values. Saying that “laïcité” and “tolerance” are values is tantamount to saying that our core value is to have no shared values.

And this is the perfect pre-condition for radical Islamism to thrive in the very heart of Europe.

Do not miss out on Mrs. Smits’ full article here.