After same-sex “marriage”, Irish PM wants to legalize the killing of unborn children

imageTaoiseach Enda Kenny has indicated that Fine Gael will hold a referendum on the 8th Amendment if it is in government after the next election. Following pressure from some of his party colleagues, including Ministers James Reilly and Frances Fitzgerald, Mr Kenny told a meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary party that the issue would be referred to a “Citizens’ Convention”, following which FG TDs and Senators would be allowed a free vote on the issue. This would permit pro-abortion members of Fine Gael to join forces with other pro-abortion members of the Oireachtas.

It appears that opposition against child-butchering is still considerable within Fine Gael, despite Mr. Kenny’s best efforts to make the party more “progressive”. This is why on abortion the vote will be free, while last years several prominent members who had stood up against the legalisation of same-sex “marriages” had been thrown out of the party.