The Queen sends no “season’s greetings”…

In many Western European countries, and in particular in the UK, politicians are nowadays afraid, or too “politically correct”, or too streamlined, to express their Christian faith in a public statement. Not so the Queen, whose Christmas message to her subjects is unashamedly… Christian: Continue reading


Even the new Belgian Primate is not “liberal” enough for the culture-of-death lobby

Many Catholics have criticised Pope Francis for having accepted the resignation, duly presented on his 75th birthday, of Mechelen-Brussels Archbishop André Joseph Léonard, and replacing this highly profiled defender of morality and human rights with the more soft-spoken former Bishop of Bruges, Mgr. Jozef De Kesel. But now it turns out that even Mgr. De Kezel, despite what some describe as “modernist inclinations”, will not be able to avoid being attacked by the country’s hyper-aggressive culture-of-death lobby. Just two weeks after having his new function as Belgian Primate, the country’s media are full of criticism against the new Archbishop who has dared to say that Catholic hospitals have the right to refuse practising abortion and euthanasiahe country’s media are full of criticism against the new Archbishop who has dared to say that Catholic hospitals have the right to refuse practising abortion and euthanasia. Continue reading

Poland: The winner takes it all?

Just a short while ago we published a post in which we predicted how Western liberal media were going to launch a campaign against the news everyone can see, this prediction is meanwhile coming true.

Not that the new Polish government is completely innocent in this – it certainly could have acted more cleverly. But to portray Poland as Europe’s new rogue state, or as a country on the brink to dictatorship, is completely beside the point – in particular when one considers how the preceding government, lead by the liberal “Civic Platform” has its own share of responsibility for the current crisis. Continue reading

Regrettable: Cyprus and Greece legislate for same-sex “civil partnerships”

Greece-Lightning-Strike-AP-Photo-640x480As 2015 is coming to an end, we regrettably have to update our Marriage Map once again: Cyprus and Greece have joined the group of morally and intellectually confused countries, here indicated in yellow, which recognize same-sex “civil partnerships”.

While “civil partnerships” at least do not sully the term “marriage” by extending it to couples engaging in self-abusive, intrinsically infertile, and unhealthy sexual behaviours, they nevertheless provide the false appearance of legitimacy to such behaviours, as if they were worthy of public recognition and support. Continue reading

The ECtHR itself is to blame for its loss of authority…

224657The ECtHR judgments that we are criticizing on this blog are certainly not the same that the Russian or, respectively, the UK Government are refusing to accept. However, there is a common theme: through a long series of ill-founded rulings, which obviously were in line neither with the wording of the Human Rights Convention, nor with any soundly argued moral principle, the Strasbourg Court has undermined itself. Continue reading

Referendum in Slovenia: children’s rights win a landslide victory over homo-“marriage”

A tremendous victory of direct democracy over an aloof political caste, a triumph of children’s rights over the homo-agenda: in Slovenia’s referendum on a law that would have introduced same-sex “marriage”, well over 63% of participants have voted NO, less than 37% have voted YES. The bill, which had been adopted by the National Assembly with 51 to 28 votes in March, will not enter into force. Continue reading