Amnesty International’s slander campaign against El Salvador

med_gallery_14_45_3770In the running-up to the World Human Rights Day (10 December) we will surely be approached by representatives of Amnesty International asking us to buy candles to support a good cause.

But Amnesty International is not a good cause. Not any more. Instead, the organisation, which once was leading in defending political prisoners of conscience, has been taken over by the pro-abortion lobby and now spends most of its time and money to campaign against the most fundamental of all human rights, the Right to Life.

The newest AI campaign is a diffuse slander campaign against El Salvador, a small country in Central America that in 1998 amended its constitution to consistently protect the right of life as from the moment of conception.

As a result, El Salvador is a prime target of pro-abortion activist organizations including Amnesty International, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Ipas, “Catholics” for Choice, and others. The recent charges that 17 women were imprisoned for miscarriage has received international attention but forensic evidence shows that most committed infanticide, i.e. they killed their baby after birth. One case is reported here, with a link to the court records.

Despite these records being publicly available, Amnesty International runs a slander campaign in which it accuses El Salvador’s judiciary system of “following a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ approach when it comes to women who suffer pregnancy-related complications.”

But if the problem is that the judiciary is not working as it should, then the task would be to work towards an improvement of the judiciary, not to legalize abortion and thus undermine the Right to Life.

Amnesty international is abortion internationalSadly, however, Amnesty is not genuinely interested in improving the judiciary system in El Salvador or any other country. It’s real purpose is abortion, abortion, and again abortion.

It is notable in this context that in recent years the Inter American Commission on Human Rights has become a tool of SRHR activists. This has been observed for some years and now the activists serving on the Commission are fast tracking cases involving abortion and LGBT issues, holding many related hearings at the request of the abortion lobby. These NGOs are using the Inter American legal system in an attempt to pressure countries to embrace their anti-human-rights agenda.  The OAS entity that oversees the anti violence treaty (MESECVI) has told countries to legalize abortion, especially in the case of rape. The new Secretary General of the OAS from Uruguay has stated that he wants to see abortion legalized throughout the Americas. Three cases against the pro-life laws of El Salvador are scheduled to be heard by the Commission