Unbelievable: German court authorizes murder incitement

Reversing an injunction it had issued just two years ago, a Berlin law court has decided that incitement to hate, violence and murder can be legal if it is directed against pro-lifers and dressed up as “art”. The Schaubühne Berlin can therefore continue staging a play in which it explicitly incites hatred against, and calls for the assassination of meritorious and respectable human rights defenders such as Hedwig von Beverfoerde (the leader of the pro-family movement Demo für Alle), Gabriele Kuby and Birgit Kelle (Book authors critical of Gender-Ideology), or Beatrix von Storch (conservative MEP).

The sodomite thugs rejoice at what clearly cannot be understood in any other way than as an invitation for them to spread even more hate and violence.

Incredibly, the Court seemed completely unimpressed by the fact that the incitement to violence has indeed led to very concrete consequences: just a few days after the premiere of the disgraceful spectacle Mrs. von Storch’s car and Mrs. von Beverfoerde’s car and house were burned down. In addition, violent assaults against Mrs. von Storch’s conservative political movement Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which is sceptical of the Euro and of uncontrolled mass-immigration, are now occurring nearly every day (see, for example, here, here and here). Owners of meeting rooms and conference facilities are threatened and blackmailed to discourage them from hosting AfD events (e.g. here and here), so that the party (which according to polls has now the support of between 7 and 10 per cent of the German electorate) finds it difficult to organize meetings. The judiciary, headed by Federal Minister for Justice Heiko Maas, a profiled left-winger, seems in no hurry to intervene…

The situation becomes more and more reminiscent of the final days of the Weimar Republic.

The best way to protest against the blatant denial of legal protection that the pro-family leaders deserve is to support their political action. We therefore invite you to sign up to Demo für Alle and to the new ECI Mum Dad & Kids, both of which are led by the courageous Hedwig von Beverfoerde. You might also buy and read the publications of Mrs. Kelle  and Mrs. Kuby (whose book The Global Sexual Revolution has just been released in English).