One Marie Stopes clinic in Manchester responsible for over 7,000 Irish Abortions

marie stopesOne abortion clinic in Manchester has carried out one third of all abortions performed on Irish women over the last five years. Data on women from the whole island of Ireland shows that almost half (45 per cent) of all Irish abortions took place in Manchester; 11,116. Of these, 7,182 (30 per cent) took place in just one clinic—Marie Stopes International. In Liverpool 4,462 abortions involving women resident in Ireland were recorded. London had the third highest number with 3,267 abortions across 10 clinics.

In total, 4,652 abortions for women from Northern Ireland and 19,947 from the Republic were recorded. Some women may have had more than one abortion over the time period covered. The figures include children under the age of 16—152 from the South and 69 from the North.

This “abortion tourism” is the result of a controversial ruling of the Irish Supreme Court in 1992 (Attorney General v. X, known as the ‘X Case’), according which it was illegal for the State to prevent a child from being aborted through an injunction prohibiting the mother from travelling to Britain for an abortion.