Soros-owned “Human Rights Watch” has strange opinions on democracy

Given that Human Rights Watch (HRW) financially depends to more than 50% on the donations  received from George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire turned “philanthropist”, nobody should be surprised that the organisation’s true interest is not to promote anyone’s human rights, but Soros’ social agenda – a misguided Liberalism turned totalitarian. One of Soros’ paramount objectives is the deconstruction of the basic unit of society, i.e. marriage and family. This is why he is such a staunch supporter of homo-“marriage”. And this is why HRW supports homo-“marriage”, too.

As it appears, HRW are very uncomfortable with the idea that normal citizens should have the opportunity to have a say on this matter. In view of the upcoming marriage referendum in Slovenia the organization bemoans that “marriage equality is under threat”, and then it goes on:

“The rights of a minority, particularly to equality, shouldn’t be subject to removal by the whim of the majority.”

Now this is an argument that really impresses us by the truly breathtaking degree of its stupidity. 

First, this referendum is not about equality. Nobody contests that everyone should have equal rights, including the right to marriage. The question just is what “marriage” is.

Second, saying that marriage is ordained by nature to be between a man and a woman, because only a man and a woman can produce offspring, isn’t a whim. It is a simple fact of life. It would be a whim to deny it.

Third, if HRW seriously believe that “minority rights” should be determined only and exclusively by the concerned minority itself,this reveals a serious lack of understanding for democracy which is particularly troubling in a (if only self-described) “human rights advocacy group”. One is just just left to wonder whether they have thought about the outcome if that new principle were applied elsewhere:

Only homosexuals are allowed to decide on the rights homosexuals should have, ergo…

  • only aristocrats should be allowed to have a say on the privileges of the aristocracy (wasn’t that the principle that the French Revolution sought to overcome?);
  • only civil servants should have a say on the working hours of civil servants;
  • only Muslim immigrants should have the right to determine the rights of Muslim immigrants;
  • only dock workers should determine the salary of dock workers;
  • only unemployed persons should be heard when it comes to the fixation of the social rights of unemployed persons;
  • only thieves should be called to decide whether and how theft should be punished;
  • only paedophiles should be heard in discussions on whether child abuse is a crime;
  • and so forth…

Really, it seems that no argument is too stupid for Soros/HRW to promote their bizarre agenda.