Frans Timmermans’ push for sodo-marriage surprises even the LGBT-lobby

1548fad0091674cdedfc3ed366b3c27eExcerpts from an interview with Evelyne Paradis, the executive director of the fake “non-governmental” organization ILGA-Europe, in which she criticizes Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans‘ speech at the ILGA Gala in June:

Q. How would you rate the Commission, and the Vice-President, Frans Timmermans, on rights, after their first year in office?
A. We have had some very strong public statements. One might say even stronger than what we have had in a long time. It was surprising to hear Vice-President Timmermans at the gala we organised in June speak in favour of marriage equality, for instance, because that’s clearly not an issue that ILGA raises in an EU context. We know it falls out of the EU’s competences. It has never been an issue which we have advocated for within the EU institutions. It is good to see the personal commitment to the issue, but we are critical, like many other social justice organisations, of the actual record of the Commission at the moment. (…)
Q. So what he’s talking about is actually not what you need right now?
A. It’s not. It’s nice from a public policy view to hear someone saying that marriage equality is important, but it’s not something he can do anything about though there are lots of areas in which the EU, the Commission especially, can do something about. (…)
As it appears, bullying Member States into accepting same-sex “marriage” is neither the Commission’s competence, nor the homo-lobby’s ask. It is Frans Timmermans’ personal agenda – an agenda for which he has no mandate.