Referendum in Slovenia: children’s rights win a landslide victory over homo-“marriage”

A tremendous victory of direct democracy over an aloof political caste, a triumph of children’s rights over the homo-agenda: in Slovenia’s referendum on a law that would have introduced same-sex “marriage”, well over 63% of participants have voted NO, less than 37% have voted YES. The bill, which had been adopted by the National Assembly with 51 to 28 votes in March, will not enter into force.

A small hint: ZA means FOR, and PROTI means AGAINST

This is a really big triumph for marriage normlality, of great significance far beyond the borders of the small country at the southern fringe of the Alps. Slovene civil society, led by the brave group Za otroke gre! (“It’s for the children!”)  had to fight hard, with nearly all the country’s political parties and mass media against them. They had to get organized under enormous time pressure in order to collect within just a few days the signatures that were necessary for a popular initiative to hold a binding referendum. When, despite all the difficulties, they had collected the necessary number of signatures within a record-breaking four days, the National Assembly – outraged that the people had the cheek to draw in question what their political caste had decided for them,  called off the referendum on the pretext that it was “unconstitutional”. In the end it took a narrow 5-4 decision of the country’s Constitutional Court to make this referendum possible.

But the outcome of the popular vote is far less narrow: with 63% NO against 37% YES, and a higher voter turnout than in 2012 (when a first attempt to legalize “marriage”, inclding adoption rights, for same-sex couples had already been defeated in a referendum), this should discourage the political jet-set from any further attempts to overrule the sound moral judgment of ordinary citizens. The homo-agenda may be fashionable in the media and among some politicians – but real people with real lives just don’t want it.

This also provides a small compensation for the outcome of the Irish referendum on marriage earlier this year – and it bodes well for the upcoming European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”. Laws re-defining marriage can be reversed, so let’s go for it!!!