Charlie Hebdo continues spreading hatred and slander

The status of “victims” does not justify just everything. 12 persons were killed in the Islamist attacks against Charlie Hebdo, but apparently the survivors have learned nothing. They seem to believe that the answer they must give to hatred and intolerance is hatred and intolerance – not only against Islam, but against everyone who does not share their narrow-minded metaphysical blindness.

The perpetrators of last year’s attack against Charlie Hebdo, as well as the perpetrators of the attacks of 13 November, claimed to act in the name of Islam. Among their victims there surely were many Christians. But according to the iconographic attributes he wears, the “god” who is portrayed as “the assassin” on Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover is the triune Christian God. Denouncing God, the giver of all life, as assassin is neither witty nor intelligent – it is just slander, out of hatred against the European culture that the makers of the filthy publication have abandoned.

Non, nous ne sommes toujours pas Charlie. We condemn terrorism whoever may be the victims, but we steadfastly refuse to identify or solidarise ourselves with morons.