In the centre of Europe, a failing state

epaselect_germany_cologne_sex_attacksThere is no way to avoid the (albeit unwelcome) conclusion: if the basic function of a state is to exercise control over its borders and territory and to guarantee the safety of its inhabitants, then Germany is rapidly approaching the status of a failed state. This is a disaster not only for Germany, but for Europe as a whole.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lonesome decision to allow the uncontrolled mass immigration of more than a million persons in 2015 was not only ill-considered, but indeed lawless, illegal, lacking a legal basis, lacking democratic legitimacy, and completely irresponsible. The Chancellor is acting as if the country were her private property, so that she could do with it whatever she wanted, including destroying it or handing it over to aliens.

Apparently the German federal government is either not able or not willing to defend its country against foreign invaders, even if they come without arms. This is not to say that the country should not respect its obligations under the Geneva Convention – but that convention certainly does not say that any person from a country with a civil war has the right to migrate into any country of his or her choice without even proving his or her having suffered persecution, or indeed without proving his or her identity.

The overwhelming majority of persons having migrated to Germany in 2015 were not defenceless women and children, but young males who might have been expected to defend themselves and their homes in any civil war. Do we really believe that henceforth for every civil unrest that takes place somewhere in the World the solution is that the population should be evacuated and re-settled in Central Europe? If this is the solution for Syria, why should it not be the solution for all other countries as well?

Mrs. Merkel’s mantra that “we can manage this” (“Wir schaffen das”) is an obvious miscalculation. The mass assault of women by a mob consisting mainly of migrants of Arab origin in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve, preceded by the targeted firing of rockets and explosives at Cologne Cathedral, give a foretaste of things to come. But even worse than these events was the complete failure of the police as well as of the state-run broadcasting corporations to report on them – as if someone had given them an order from above.

Within a very short stretch of time, Chancellor Merkel has completely depleted the trust and confidence that ordinary German citizens used to have in their state and its institutions. At the latest since New Year’s Eve they must have the impression that their government is either unwilling or unable to protect their lives, their bodily integrity, their families, and their property. The problems resulting from mass immigration are consistently not dealt with; they are either ignored or denied, and those expressing concern are denounced as “xenophobes”, “right-wingers”, or worse.

The effects will be devastating. The state’s claim to a monopoly on the use of force can be legitimate only as long as the state is credible in maintaining law, order, and security. Failing this, people will consider that they have no other choice than to take their security into their own hands, and they indeed have a moral right of doing so. If the government does not quickly win back the lost confidence, the country might slowly slide into anarchy.

The problem is not the cost of providing shelter and food for refugees. Germany is big, wealthy, and generous enough to afford taking care of many more than the 1 million migrants that have arrived last year, or the 1 million that are expected to arrive in the course of this year. The question is however whether the arrival of such quantities of migrants with a completely different cultural background and set of values will not impose on the country, as well as on the rest of Europe, a cultural change that most Europeans find undesirable. Neither Frau Merkel nor any other European leader has a mandate for imposing such a change. The prevailing impression is that as a consequence of their complete ignorance of culture and identity (both their own and that of the so-called “refugees”) our politicians simply have no clue of what they are doing. They seem to believe that, all men being equal, populations are interchangeable, so that it can be no problem to compensate the demographic deficit in Germany with migrants from Libya and Syria. Or maybe they are too optimistic about the attractiveness of the European culture, believing that all migrants will quickly give up their own identities and embrace a new identity as post-Christian hedonist Europeans. This is a very serious error: culture matters – and just because our European politicians have no culture, that doesn’t mean that African or Arab immigrants haven’t got any culture either.