European Handball Federation bans homo-propaganda

4428The European Handball Federation (EHF) has introduced a new rule to prevent the Sweden captain from wearing a rainbow-coloured armband at the European Championship, which starts in Poland on Friday. In recent years the homo-lobby has tried to establish the rainbow as a symbol for sexual deviances, framing them as socially valuable “diversity”. Poland, whilst tolerating homosexual behaviour between consenting adults, refuses to recognise same-sex “marriages” and Tobias Karlsson announced last week that he was intending to provoke the Polish public by wearing the armband “as a manifestation for acceptance and that every person is of equal worth”.

This kind of figger-wagging is unnecessary. Nobody in Poland has ever drawn into doubt that every person is of equal worth. What many do draw into question is the temerarious conclusion that every sexual behaviour is equally acceptable.

However, on the eve of the tournament the Sweden team have been told that a new rule means that the captain’s armband can from now on only consist of that country’s national colours.

The vice-president of the EHF, the Swede Arne Elovsson, was not part of making the decision to introduce the new rule, but said afterwards: “My interpretation is that this question has never been raised before. Now that it was raised one had to make a decision and go back to the rules and try to interpret them from a global perspective. That is the explanation. There is logic in this and they were unanimous in their decision.”

It is a general standard of conduct for participants in international sports events not to abuse such an event as an occasion to propagandise controversial political stances.

However, there are rumours that as a reaction to the EHF’s decision Sweden is now considering to change its national flag. After all the country’s government has for many years been promoting eccentric sexual ideologies rather than the Christian values that its traditional flag, a golden cross on blue background, symbolizes.