Italy: growing resistance against bill on homo-partnerships

matteo-renzi-01Prime Minister Matteo Renzi‘s  push for a law that would legally recognize so-called “civil unions” between persons of the same sex is facing opposition not only from his coalition partner, but even within his own Partito Democratico (PD).

Thirty PD senators have now presented amendments to the bill on Thursday, including one asking that a provision that would make it possible for one partner in a same-sex couple to adopt the other partner’s biological child be scrapped. They have instead asked that the measure be replaced with a form of foster care. 

Opposition to the ‘stepchild adoption’ measure has also been widely voiced by Renzi’s main coalition partner, the New Centre Right party led by Angelino Alfano, and the Union of the Centre party. Silvio Berlusconi has also come out and said that his Forza Italia party would vote against the measure, despite supporting a civil unions bill.

But this is the first inkling that members of the PD may vote according to their conscience rather than to what Renzi is telling them.

The Senate is due to vote on the bill on 28 January.

The NGO Manif pour Tous Italia (MPTI) has in the meantime announced that it will hold a great rally in defense of marriage on Saturday 30 January in Rome.