Culture of death: French government seeks to increase number of abortions

Are there too many children in France? Would it be better to have less? One is tempted to wonder, given the French government’s newest measures to facilitate access to abortion and, even more absurd, its attempts to block any initiative that might result in offering pregnant women in distress a better solution than having their child butchered.

Jeanne Smits writes on LifeSiteNews:

“As of April 1, all consultations, sonograms before and after the abortion, blood tests, biological testing, and consultations related to filling in of consent forms will be fully paid for by public health insurance.

The decision … puts abortion on the same footing as pregnancy: all medical acts and hospital stays related to pregnancy, birth, and follow-up visits are 100 percent funded by public health insurance. From now on, this will also be true for abortion… (Health insurers’) former liberty to offer contracts that do not cover abortions will now totally disappear, and each French taxpayer will be obliged to fund abortions, be it through widespread compulsory social security contributions on salaries and other incomes or through direct taxation.”

It is unsurprising that Mariesol Touraine, the Minister of Health, “chose to announce the new measures while visiting a Planned Parenthood Center in Paris last week”. Planned Parenthood, which in the US reaps financial gains from selling body parts of aborted children to “scientists”, does not carry out abortions in France, but it helps French women in circumventing the law by informing them about possibilities to obtain late-term abortions in Spain or the Netherlands that would be illegal even by the rather low standards of French law. It is definitely rather strange for a government minister tasked with enforcing the law to be seen in such company.

The cherry of the cake is, however, that the morally discredited government of which Mrs. Touraine is a member not only openly promotes the killing of children as a “right”, but at the same time seeks to stifle private initiatives that offer better solutions to mothers in distress, helping them to have their babies:

“A national free and anonymous hotline was put up in September; it has received an average of 2,000 calls per month, Touraine said. The Ministry of Health also organized a public campaign under the slogan ‘IVG, my body, my choice, my right’ in order to give better visibility to government-funded information tools to help give women access to abortion.

No public hotline or website exists to offer help and information to mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy and who want to keep their baby.

The campaign was launched especially to counter the success of a private website that offers such help and information,, because it kept coming up first in internet searches. Touraine explained that her ministry has funded ‘pay-for-placement’ tools to allow the government pro-abortion website to come up first. A week ago, Touraine even asked the public to click on the website to help boost its notoriety, even though this technique is ineffective with regards to Google’s algorithm.”

Only one explanation is possible: this government hates the people that has elected it, and wants to deprive it of its future.