Slovakia: Government ditches controversial homo-“equality” action plan

When searching for good news, you may sometimes find it at improbable places. On the website of the fake “non-governmental” organization ILGA-Europe, which promotes sodomy Europe-wide wherefore it receives 70% of its operating budget directly from the European Commission, we read the happy tidings that the Slovak government has abandoned the idea of adopting a “National Action Plan on LGBTI Equality”, saying that this should be left to a future government.

While everybody is in agreement that all citizens should enjoy equal rights, “LGBTI equality” is code for special privileges being given to people in respect of their unusual and/or unhealthy sexual habits, as if those habits deserved to be rewarded.

ILGA-Europe is “very disappointed and dismayed”.

The current Slovak government is headed by a Socialist, Robert Fico. A change of government would further decrease the risk of any homo-privilege action plan being adopted.