Italian homo-activists claim that sodomy is a hallmark of “civilization”

italy-1x750“Thousands of Italians” (according to the reputed news agency Reuters), or “nearly one million” (according to sources close to the organizers) have rallied yesterday in favour of Socialist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s project to adopt legislation that would for the first time legally recognize, and tie legal advantages to, sodomitic relationships.

An interesting observation is that the campaign seeks to appeal to the intellectual inferiority complexes of the feeble-minded: “Wake up Italy, it is time to become civilized”…

The purpose of this slogan, which does nothing to explain what sodomy is and what contributions to the good of society may be expected from it, is to make gullible minds believe that the acceptance of sodomy somehow makes a society more “modern”, or indeed more “civilized”.

Yes, it clearly is time to wake up. Not because Italy is not yet a civilized country, but because by embracing the homo-agenda it would make a decisive step towards losing that status. Accepting, or even rewarding, sodomy is not a step towards civilization, but a symptom of decadence, moral and intellectual disorientation, and cultural decline.

Only feeble-minded persons with a deeply entrenched inferiority complex will be seduced by the promise that they can be “modern” or “on the right side of history” by applauding to the legal recognition of homosexual unions.

Those wo are less easily seduced will however not ask whether accepting same-sex marriage is fashionable, but what implications it has.

None of the readers of this blog will have any difficulty in accepting that two persons of the same sex live together in the same apartment, or own that apartment, or indicate each other as future heir in the case of death. The current legal situation allows all this, and so there is no practical problem that could only be solved through the legal recognition of same-sex  “civil unions”.

The real issue at stake is that through the new law the homo-lobby (and its friends and sponsors in politics and the mass media) seek to promote an absurd and repugnant ideology according which sodomy, i.e. the sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex, makes a contribution to the public good, and therefore deserves to be legally recognized (and perhaps even rewarded through tax cuts and/or social security benefits). As a next step, the homo-ideologues want that such “civil unions” be recognized as a new type of family, and that they should have the “right” to have children. Now, whose children would that be? Obviously not those of the same-sex partners, given that same-sex couples are incapable of producing offspring. Instead, the claim is that homosexual couples should be given an entitlement to have somebody else’s children.

In this way, accepting the homo-agenda directly and inevitably implies that children are going to be turned into a tradeable commodity. This new type of slave trade, for which the homo-lobby is the principal customer, is precisely what we are seeing in many Western European countries. It is part of the new “civilization” that the controversial civil unions bill is promoting.

One must be very stupid, or blinded by ideology, to believe in this absurd concept of modernity and civilization. The truth is that sodomy, just as recreational sex in general, not only makes no contribution to the common good, but instead damages and undermines it, leading to the destabilization of human relationships, the breaking-up of families, and the spreading of contagious diseases.

No, it is neither “modern” nor “civilized” to be in favour of the homo-agenda. It is merely stupid. VERY, VERY stupid.

In the meantime the organizers of the “Family Day” that rallied more than one million citizens in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano in June 2015 have announced that the Piazza will be too small to hold the crowds that are expected to come to their next gathering on 23 January; the event has therefore been moved to the Circus Maximus area.