Incredible: surrogacy entrepreneur in charge of PACE’s report on surrogacy report

maxresdefault“Reproductive medicine”, i.e. the production of babies in vitro for people who cannot have one (such as infertile couples, homosexual couples, or individual persons) is a big business that promises huge benefits for those involved in it. And quite obviously the baby-production industry has a big economic stake in ensuring that any legal obstacles for its activities to be removed, or, even better, in persuading lawmakers that these activities should be subsidized through public funding.

It is therefore self-evident that asking a “reproduction doctor” to be the rapporteur for a PACE resolution on surrogacy smacks of a conflict of interest. This is even more so if the person at question is not only a “reproduction doctor” (who happens to be the head of one among only 4 medical facilities in Belgium that offer surrogacy despite the absence of a legal framework for it), but also a well-known representative of the LGBT lobby, which seeks to create a legal entitlement for same-sex couples to get access to other people’s children.

Today’s decision of PACE’s Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Committee, adopted by 21-17 votes, to not take into further consideration the concerns that were raised over a potential conflict of interest in the person of Dr. Petra De Sutter (Socialist, Belgium, man identifying as female) is outrageous. As it appears, the business interests of the reproduction industry, together with the Marxist agenda of destroying the biological reality of family and parenthood through legal re-definition, have prevailed over the rights of children.

This decision will severely undermine the credibility of the report, if it is adopted.